[DEF] Defender

Created: 08/30/2016
Commander: DEFENDER_ZA
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Fight with honor! Defend by the Defenders!!

Defender Brother clans : - Defender Xtreme [DEF_X] - Defender Devils [DEF_D] - Defender Aces [DEF_A] - Defender Legend [DEF_L] - Defender Ugh [DEF_U] - Defender Vigilante [DEF_V] ------------------------------------ We are friendly and highly competitive clan. Requirements: *60% WR is required!! *Platoon w/ clan members!! *Be active with min 15battles daily!! *Must communicate!! *Discord preferred!! *There is no [DEF_E] in our family *This clan dedicates all wins to vets and we thank you for your service!! And o7 *We allies with [-TLB-] clan too!! boycott petco
Average damage


Average winrate


1 member
Player Rank Veterancy Damage %
DEFENDER_ZA Commander 16 days 989 78
Summary values
Player Kills Damage
Total 120 75188
DEFENDER_ZA 120 75188
Total 120 75188