[FCHKN] Fearless Chicken

Created: 08/09/2015
Commander: Rashiddd
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Campers - Nature’s way of feeding mosquitos

Minimum requirements to join: Brain, sense of humor, mental toughness and cheap sunglasses 8-) Tier X min WR 60% Tier X min average damage 2500 Ultra sensitive “folks” shall not apply! Activity meter gets attached to every new clan member. Ships out via UPS and gets installed by a qualified surgeon at the new members expense. Teamspeak is either for unemployed or underemployed, therefore, is nonexistent in this clan. Obamites won't be permitted, however, they will be executed https://discord.gg/b99a9zW Cool Russian uncle’s, cool kids club! Have fun dont drop a goose egg!
Average damage


Average winrate


1 member
Player Rank Veterancy Damage %
Rashiddd Commander 406 days 1054 51
Summary values
Player Kills Damage
Total 3032 4918550
Rashiddd 3032 4918550
Total 3032 4918550