[NVA] Nationale Volksarmee

Created: 01/28/2016
Commander: Nightwolf_121
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"For the protection of the Workers' and Peasants' power"

The National People's Army (Nationale Volksarmee, NVA) was the name used for the armed forces of the German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demockratische Republik, DDR - East Germany) from 1956 to 1990. It was rated by NATO as the most discipined and well-trained armies of the Warsaw Pact, along side the Soviet Army. The NVA did not particpate in any significant conflict. It participated in the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia, but did not see any actual combat. NVA is no longer a competitive clan and will not participate in tournaments or clan battles.
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Nightwolf_121 Commander 43 days 491 60
gritzmcfrettin Private 94 days 1134 57
Angery_Doggo Private 76 days 610 54
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Nightwolf_121 18 2454
gritzmcfrettin 8703 9738664
Angery_Doggo 420 276792
Total 9141 10017910