[PZ3] Panzer Division 3

Created: 05/08/2016
Commander: michaeItsoon
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All Hail Victory!-Always loyal, always fighting, always courageous. [PZ3] Will Carry!!

4-time winners of Bronze Tier 6 Tournaments! 2-time winners of Silver Tier 6 tournaments! Ranked top 30s NA from the start of 2017 until when we disbanded, in late-August. Clan Avg 15k battles, 57% wr, and an avg tier of 6 during that period. As of currently, this clan is dormant, to be re-activated at a later date.
Average damage


Average winrate


1 member
Player Rank Veterancy Damage %
michaeItsoon Commander 897 days 687 59
Summary values
Player Kills Damage
Total 46 19928
michaeItsoon 46 19928
Total 46 19928