[WANG] Wicked Alpha Ninja Gang

Created: 08/09/2015
Commander: Turdpants
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Drive hard and shot fast

Requirements: players need to know how to kick back after battle. Doritos maybe some funyons. Throw in a good movie, Tropic Thunder or Hot Tub Time Machine. And we know how to treat a woman. Every player is required to spend one night sleeping in there tank. If you gotta take a dump you're allowed to go off the side
Average damage


Average winrate


3 members
Player Rank Veterancy Damage %
Turdpants Commander 803 days 1944 66
Moose__Knuckle Executive Officer 512 days 1244 68
Beef_Curtain Private 60 days 1844 66
Summary values
Player Kills Damage
Total 9769 12207397
Turdpants 1461 1877852
Moose__Knuckle 1667 1338722
Beef_Curtain 6641 8990823
Total 9769 12207397