[-TK] -Top Kaliber-

Created: 04/29/2018
Commander: __God
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Competence isnt gained. It is Sought after.~_Tyger

Invite Only. We are selectively choosing potential members. Contact _Tyger For more info. Discord closed to Public. Tournment Focused. Not Related to any other clans. Requirements: ******************************************** -Damage Farmers Wanted ;) 2k+ AvgDmg<3 -Discord is a MUST -Dedicated Players only. For any further Questions or Info contact @_Tyger.
Average damage


Average winrate


2 members
Player Rank Veterancy Damage %
__God Commander 76 days 1903 60
__Woo Private 136 days 1809 61
Summary values
Player Kills Damage
Total 8553 15916260
__God 7686 14402486
__Woo 867 1513774
Total 8553 15916260