[4PX] 4pex

Created: 01/18/2021
Commander: DisBussyPoggers
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Rax in Rat

Home of the Top 5th/8th Summer 2021 PNCR/-MM team “Blxcked” Tdub [APX] Fiji [PONDA] Mizuhara [APX] Skips [PONDA] Panzer [-MM] Pupusaman [-MM] Mini [PNCR] Flumo [PNCR] Fade [PNCR] Sponge [PNCR]
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1 member
Player Rank Veterancy Damage %
DisBussyPoggers Commander 1155 days 2393 71
Summary values
Player Kills Damage
Total 1296 2441303
DisBussyPoggers 1296 2441303
Total 1296 2441303