Created: 12/06/2019
Commander: _PESTICIDE
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If it doesn’t go your way, you can always run away.

It was the start of the autumn season and everything was in place to achieve victory; however, only half of our team showed. Even worse was the fact that one of the players was at work and went afk shortly after readying up. This left us with four against the opposition of mighty [MAXX]. In the end we were unable to secure the win, thus finishing off our season as soon as it had begun. Memorial: The following message is in remembrance of DeezTankNutz (also known to many on discord as SoloSlim), who was truly one of the finest Obj. 268 players I’ve had the honor to play alongside. He was always where he was needed most, which is so essential for successfully fulfilling the tank destroyer role. When the tournament season finally rolled around last spring, his absence was particularly noticeable; this says a lot about the type of presence he had. While our time with him was cut short, for all that knew him, he was a kind-hearted guy that helped to bring people’s visions to life.
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Player Rank Veterancy Damage %
_PESTICIDE Commander 85 days 0 0
DeezTankNutz Private 269 days 2052 60
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DeezTankNutz 30976 62226562
Total 30976 62226562