Rankings of all clans

This rating displays all the clans that players have added to the site. To add a clan, find it using the search form in the site header and go to the clan page. All the data is also updated when visiting the clan page. The rating displays only clans with a total number of battles of at least 1000.

Big clans

Percentage of victories

# Title Percentage of victories
1 [LX-X] SCC 73.72
2 [-ZF] Zero Fame 70.70
3 [PURPZ] Purple Tankrz in Training 69.19
4 [LVG] Leverage 67.31
5 GRIM [GRIM] Reapers 67.22
6 PRAMO [PRAMO] Cry About It 66.30
7 [APX] Apex 65.25
8 [PURPL] Purple Potatoes 64.72
9 PNCR [PNCR] Pincer 64.12
10 [_STR8] A1M TRUE 64.02

Average damage

Middle clans

Percentage of victories

Small clans

Percentage of victories